Picture 'Parish Church of St James, Bushey' by James Charles Oldmeadow
'Parish Church of St James, Bushey' by James Charles Oldmeadow

For over 200 years, many hundreds of artists have been based in or near Bushey, either as part of the many local Schools or in local artistic communities. The most famous school is Herkomer’s Art School established by Hubert von Herkomer in 1883. Below is a list of some 590 students from Herkomer's Art School from 1883 to 1900. In 1905 Lucy Kemp-Welch, a key student of Herkomer, started her Bushey School of Painting which was located in Art School buildings established by Herkomer. She specialised in 'Figure and Animal Painting from the Living Model'.

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Biographies of Bushey Artists

Here is a list of Biographies of Bushey artists we've already uploaded... we will be adding more over time!

Sir Hubert von Herkomer CVO, RA more

Chewett, Albert Ranney, 1877–1965  more
Cowderoy, Kate Ethel, 1875–1972  more
Garnier, Geoffrey Sneyd, 1889 - 1970  more
Heath, Frank Gascoigne, 1873 – 1936  more
Kemp-Welch, Lucy Elizabeth, RI, ROI, RBA, RCA (1869-1958)  more

Students at Herkomer’s Art School

Below is a list of around 590 students who attended Herkomer’s Art School between 1883 and 1900 - as listed in the leaflet ‘The Herkomer Art School 1883-1900’, by Grant Longman, published 1976. Click for a pdf.

Adams, William Dacres
Adkins, Harriet
Airy, Arthur L.
Aitken, Lily Gair
Alderson, Isabel F.
Alderson, Violet M.
Aldis, Maud
Alexander, Herbert
Allan, Kate G.
Allnutt, Emily
Alton, Bryanna
Ambler, Esther
Anderson, Robert
Anthony, Ripley O.
Arnot, Guido
Ashford, Edith M.
Ashton, Stanley
Ashton, William
Atkins, Gertrude
Atkinson, S. Mildred
Ayrton, Mabel
Baird, Nathaniel Henry John
Balfour, James S.
Balshaw, Fred
Banajee, Dhunbai F.
Barham, Sybil
Barnard, Gertrude
Barnard, Maud O.
Barr, James
Barry, Edith M,
Barter, Gertrude M.
Barton, Ellen G.
Bate, Emily Spence
Batley, Daisy E.
Becker, Henry
Beddoes, Florence E.
Bedford, Percy
Bell, Lilian
Benham, Maude
Bennett, Ethel
Bennett, Gertrude H.
Bennett, William B
Benson, Mary K.
Berg, Robert Jens
Bibby, William Cardwell
Biggs, L. Evelyne
Binyon, Bertram
Bird, Clarence
Bird, Constance
Bird, William
Blackden, Hugh C.
Blankley, Alice
Blount, Godfrey
Boden, Lizzie
Bogle, William Lockhart
Booth, John L. C.
Boulton, Muriel C. W.
Bowley, May
Braden, Karl
Bradley, Nellie
Brewer, Amy Cobham
Bridges, May
Bridgewater, Henry Scott
Briggs, Thomas
Bristow, Lily
Brooke, John William
Brown, Arnesby
Browne, Kate
Buckingham, Ethel
Bullock-Webster, Violet
Burns, Cecil Laurence
Butler, William E.
Buxton, Amy L.
Buxton, Robert H.
Bynnes, F. A. Muriel
Camp, Isabel
Campbell, John Wallace
Canning, Florence M.
Carter, Christian
Carter, Hilda
Cary, Hessie
Caton Woodville
Cawker, Maud
Cazalet, Agnes T.
Chatteris, E. Mary
Chew, Beatrice H.
Chewett, Albert Ranney, 1877–1965 more
Ching, Cyril C.
Cholmeley, Margaret
Clark, Ida Crofton
Clark, Sheldon A.
Clarke, Jessie B.
Clarke, Muriel Grace
Clarke, Pollie
Clay, Lillie
Clemens, Matt. H.
Clink, Matilda J.
Clouston, Robert S.
Clunas, Laura B. S.
Clunas, William Randall
Colles, Elizabeth C.
Collins, Walter R.
Conder, Helen E.
Condie, Ella G.
Cooper, Catherine
Cooper, Claude C. Du Pre
Cornish, Margaret E.
Cove , Helen
Cowderoy, Kate Ethel, 1875–1972 more
Cowie, James
Coxeter, Constance
Cracknell, Alice L.
Crawford, Thomas Hamilton
Cree, Alice C.
Crick, Thomas M.
Cridland, Helen
Crookes, George E. W.
Crosse, Edwin Reeve
Crossley, Sam B.
Crutwell, Grace
Cullen, Frank
Cullen, Fred
Cumming, Constance H.
Curtis, George D.
Curtis, Mabel
Curwen, Emily A.
Cutting, Harry Frank
Dallin, Hetty Isabella
Danby, Thomas H.
Darnell, Dorothy D.
Davies, Mary L.
D'Avigdor, Estelle
Davis, Stuart George
Davy, Horace William
Day, William C.
De Csarada , Arthur
De Gessler, Nicholas
De La Pasture, Helen M.
De Montmorency, Lily M.
De Watteville, Bernard C.
Deacon, Allan
Dennis, Alice
Desmond, Creswell H.
Dockerill, Margaret
Donald-Smith, Helen
Drummond, Julian Edward
D'Urban, William H.
Durie, Edith

Durrant, Dorothea
Dutton, J. T. Harrison
Eames, Elsie
Easom, Alfred
Eddison, Samuel James
Edwardes-Jones, Laura
Edwards, Frank George
Edwards, Mia
Elias, Arthur E.
Eliot, Walter K.
Emmerson, Hugh Percy
Emsley, Walter
Esdaile, Grace E.
Estcourt, Florence J.
Evans, Molly B.
Evans, Wilfrid M.
Ewan, Frances E.
Eyres, Myra
Fidler, Harry
Fairbairn, Hilda
Fairholme, Adele
Fawsett, Constance M.
Fearon, Percy Hutton
Fedden, Arthur Romilly
FIower, Marmaduke Clem. W.
Fischer, Carl
Fisher, Janet C.
Fithian, Edith S.
Fitzerland, Arthur
Flach, Charles
Flachfeld, Annie
Flagg, James M.
Flower, Clement B.
Flower, Noel
Foley, Edward
Ford, Frances
Ford, Henry Justice
Fowler, Francis Hugh
Frazier, Kenneth
Freeman, Mary Winifride
French, Cecil Francis
French, Margaret
Furse, John H. Monsell
Galpin, William Dixon
Gandy, Charles
Gardiner, Annette
Garner-Richards, John B.
Garnett, Alfred P.
Gear, A. Handel
Gee, Lucy
George, Esther H.
Gerstenberg, Leonora
Gibbon, James M. C.
Gibbons, Georgina n.
Gibbs, Herbert Edward
Giles, Alice M.
Gillham, Rachel W.
Gisborne, Edith M.
Gledstone, Robert
Godsal, Mary
Goffey, Harry
Goitein, Emma
Goldstein, Wilhelm von
Goodman, Helen C.
Goodman, Josephine C.
Gordon, Hilda May
Gorham, Edith
Graham, Frederick W.
Grant, Lewis John M.
Graveley, Percy
Gray, Ethel
Grayson, Ethel M.
Grey, Dorothy
Grierson, Constantia G.
Griffin, Ellen B.
Grigg, Edith E.
Gulland, Elizabeth
Gyngell, Albert Edmund
Haddon, Arthur Trevor
Hamilton, Thomas C.
Hammond, Muriel F. L.
Hankinson, Emily H.
Hanson, Gertrude E.
Harcourt, George
Harcourt, William
Hardcastle, Beatrice
Hardy, Ada Muriel
Harford, Beatrice
Harley, A. Ernest
Harris, Alice M.
Harris, Henry P.
Hart, Elizabeth
Harwood, Edith
Hastings, Ethel
Haughton, Benjamin Alfred
Heath, Frank Gascoigne
Heaton, Dorothy A.
Hellard, Beatrice
Henderson, Mary B.
Henderson, William
Henry, Alice M.
Herald, James W.
Herkomer, Bertha
Hesketh-Jones, Rosa K.
Hewitt, Helen
Hewlett, Arthur Leedham
Hickman, Evelyn A.
Higgins, Elsie
Hill, Rowland Henry
Hinchliff W. Kendall
Hindle, Gertrude
Hinson, Ethel B.
Hirsch, Otto
Hirst, Norman
Hitchings, Thomas Neville
Hockley, Kate
Hodgkinson, Louis
Hodgson, Edward S,
Holgate, Thomas W.
Holland, Ada R.
Holmes, Marcus Henry
Hope, Mary
Hort, Frederick A.
Horton, Sarah Elizabeth Roberts
Hough, Ruby St. Clair
How, Beatrice
Howlett, Rosa
Hudson, Hilda M.
Hudson, Mary
Hughes, Lily Jones
Hughes, Mary
Hughes, Mildred
Hullgren, Oscar
Hunt, Isabella M.
Hurd-Wood, Fergus
Hutchinson, Francis L.
Hyde, Constance
Ibbetson, Ernest
Inchbold, Stanley
Izard, Edwin
Jackson, Cara
Jackson, Edith M.
Jaques, Lilian A.
Jay, Cecil
Jex-Blake, Evangeline
Johnson, Edward Borough
Johnson, Esther
Johnston, I. Eva
Jones, Charlotte E.
Jones, Janet Mansell

Jones, Jessie H,
Jones, Laura Edwardes
Kearne, Lindsay
Keighley, Maud
Kemp-Welch, Edith M.
Kemp-Welch, Lucy Elizabeth, RI, ROI, RBA, RCA (1869-1958) more
Kemp-WeIch, Margaret
Kenealy, Noel Byron
Kenrick, Kate
Killminster, C. Gordon
Kimbrough, Frank Richmond
King, Bertha
King, Edward G,
Kingsley, Jessie M.
Kitson, Robert L.
Knight, Adah W.
Knight, Annie
Knight, Valentine
Knowles, F. McGillivray
Knowles, Louisa
Koch, Walther
Kortright, Henry Somers
Kraftmeier, Marta
Kranichfeld, Ermengarda von
Lawford, Lulu
Le Cornu Philip d'A
Le Mesurier, Eva
Le Sage, Clara
Leader, Benjamin E.
Leckie, Edith E.
Lee Smith, Marianne
Lee smith, Mary Lascelles
Leigh, Edward
Leighton, C. Barbara
Leslie, Peter
Leveson, Dorothy
Ley, Margaret
Lisle, William H.
Little, Emily
Llewellyn, William L.
Lodwick, Leila M.
Login, Helen M.
Luker, Louis Harriet
Luxmoore, Myra E.
MacDonald, Alexander
MacEwan, Mary P.
Maclean, Mary S.
Maclure, Charles
Maggs, Emily M.
Maitland, E. Fuller
Malcolm, Beatrice
Marsh, Charles F.
Marshall, Winifred
Marsham, Grace M.
Martin, Emily Kate
Martin, Marguerite
Mason, Janet M.
Massey, Henry Gibbs
Mastin, John
Matheson, Margaret
Maw, Cecilia
Maxfield, Annie
Maxwell, Winifred
May, Florence
Maynard, Elizabeth F.
McCoy, Alice Mary
McLernon, William J.
Mclnroy, Patricia
Meade, Arthur
Mecredy, Seymour Varley
Menzies, Mary Beryl
Metcalf, Emily E.
Michell, Beatrice E.
Miller W. Fisher
Milner, Annie E.
Milner, E. Eleanor
Milnes, Annie
Moll, Florence
Moll, Leo
Monier-Williams, Stanley F.
Moore, Ernest
Moore, Leslie
Moran, Henry
Morris, Charles Greville
Mostyn, Tom E.
Mott, Rosalind D.
Moxon, Lilian M.
Mulock, Frederick Charles
Muntz, Josephine
Musgrove, Vestalinde
Mylton, Charlotte I.
Nance, Robert Morton
Napier, Violet
Nathan, Fanny
Neame, Emmeline A.
Neville, Herbert Waterford
Nicholson, William Newzam P.
Niemann, Oscar
Norie, Marie L.
Norstrand, Ragna A.
Northcote, Percy B
Nunnerley, Alice Maude
Nutter, Helen B.
O'Connor, Francis H.
Oddie, Maude G.
Ogilvie, Frank S.
Old, Eva W.
Owtram, Robert L.
Paige, Gertrude
Partington, Richard L.
Paul, Paul P.
Peddie, Barbara
Peel, Esther
Peel, J. Maud
Petherick, Edith M.
Pipe, Edith
Plaisted, Lilia M.
Pogson, Blanche
Pointer, G. Henry
Poole, Alexander
Potter, William H.
Powles, Lewis Charles
Prall, H. May
Prescott, Claude
Prussmann, William R.
Pryde, Mabel S. L.
Puckett, Egmont S.
Quicke, Anna Mary
Quicke, Edith P.
Ramsden, Fred F.
Randall, Richard J.
Reader, Ethel G.
Reed, Pauline M.
Reid, William A.
Rhodes, Bertha
Rhodes, Margery Parker
Rice, Frederick Arthur
Richardson, Edith
Ridley, Edith
Robertson, Helen H.
Robinson, Emily A.
Rogers, Grace
Rolt, Vivian C,
Rowe, Gwendoline
Rowe, Ida Emily
Rowley, James S.R.
Ryan, Charles J.
Salter, Annie
Saltmer, Florence A.

Sampson, Bertha
Sanderson, Agnes M.
Sanderson, Charles E.
Savill, Gertrude M.
Sawyer, Amy
Schloesser, Rosie H.
Scott, Edith
Scott, Esther P.
Sells, Violet Emily
Semple, Eleanor
Seton, Elizabeth H.
Sewell, William A.
Sharratt, Jessie
Shaw, Clement A.
Shearer, Marie J.
Shillington, Ellen H.
Sieveking, Ella
Sillem, Charles
Simpson, Charles
Skinner, Edward F.
Skinner, Florence L. E.
Sloane, Mary A.
Smart, Edmund Hodgson
Smith, Ellen S.
Smith, Henrietta Maude
Smith, Malcolm
Smith, Margaret Adley
Smith, Marianne Lee
Smith, Mary Lascelles Lee
Soeborg, Knud
Solly, Evelyn W.
Soltmann, Rudolph
Soord, Alfred U.
Souttar, Anna
Sparrow, Agnes H.
Sparrow, Evelyn
Spence, Harry
Spence-Bate, Emily
Spong, Annie
Stainforth, Mary I.
Stamp, Ernest
Steele, Fanny W.
Stephenson, George
Sternberg, Frank
Stewart, Helen F.
Stobart , Amy
Stockder, Martha
Stott, J. N. Stanhope
Stroud, Maud
Stuart, Louis
Swan, Mary E.
Swayne, Winifred
Swinton, George C.
Sydall, Joseph
Symes, Ivor I. J.
Tait, Margaret A.
Talmage, Algernon M,
Tarver, Josephine
Taverner, William E.
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Ernest
Taylor, Esther C.
Taylor, Fannie
Taylor, Laura Bayard
Teague, Violet
Teasdale, Percy Morton
Temple, Eleanor S.
Tennyson, Julietta M.
Tetley, Alice
Tew, Florence P.
Theobald, Johannes George
Thomas, Charlotte H.
Thomas, Percy E. Flora
Thomas, Percy E. Flora (sic)
Thompson, Charles H.
Thomson, Laura
Thorneley, Dorothea M.
Thornton, Mary J.
Tichener, Edith Nina
Titcomb, William Holt Yates
Tollemache, Randolph S.
Tonge, H. Asheton
Topham, Edward C.
Travis, Arnold
Trevithick, Joan I.
Turner, Katherine
Underwood, Annie
Van Alpen, Antoinette
Vollmer, Hilda
Waddington, Georgina M.
Wale, Fanny L.
Walford, Amy I.
Walker, Edward Pent
Walker, Mary A.
Wallis, Hugh
Walters, Lucy
Warn, Elizabeth Baldwin
Watson, Alice A.
Watson, Minnie A.
Watt, Caroline
Webling, Ethel
Wehrschmidt, Daniel A.
Wehrschmidt, Emil
West, Eaton John D.
Weston, Lucy Edith
Wethered, Herbert Newton
Whalley, Lilian M.
Wheelwright , Rowland
Wheelwright, J.S.
Whelpton, Gertrude
White, A. Norman
White, Albert Edward
White, Diana
White, Ernest A.
White, Isabel G.
White, Mabel
White, Reginald F.
Whitehead, Amy E.
Whiteley, John W.
Whiteman, Clare Lilian
Whitfield, Richard W.
Widgery, Frederick James
Wilkinson, Albert
Wilkinson, Clementine
Wilkinson, Maud I.
Williams, Juliet Nora
Willson, M.A. Hilliard
Wilson, David R.
Wilson, Kathleen
Wontner-Smith, W. Charles
Wood, Dorothea M.
Wood, Ethel M.
Wood, Thomas M.
Woodforde, Millicent L.
Woodhead, Beatrice
Woodville, Anthony Caton
Woolston, George H.
Work, George O.
Worthington, Edith M.
Wyker, Jane Cowan
Yockney, Kenneth A.
Young , Robert
Young, William Blamire