Anne Blessley Gallery

St. James’s Church Tower Appeal
21st October 2023 – 14th April 2024

The church tower at St James’s, Bushey has been an iconic part of Bushey for more than 700 years. Sadly, time has taken its toll and the tower roof is in need of extensive repairs. Once completed, at an estimated cost of £30,000 it will be necessary to restore the tower’s interior! This need has prompted an appeal committee to be set up to raise funds from the wider Bushey community. Currently in excess of £3,500 has been raised and work is proceeding on the next fund-raising events.
(Exhibition organisers: Gay Butler, Pat Woollard and John Gerry)

Chandos Group – Selling Exhibition
20th April 2024 – October 2024

Council Chamber

Before Herkomer
From 20th January
This is an exhibition of paintings from the 'Monro Circle',  including Thomas Monro (1759–1833), a British art collector and patron, and others including works by Thomas Hearne, William Henry Hunt and Henry Edridge.

Monro was himself an amateur artist, as were three of his sons, Henry, Alexander and John. In devoting himself to training young artists in watercolour landscape painting, Monro made a significant contribution to the golden age of watercolour painting in Britain. Renowned for his kindness, generosity and sensitivity, he welcomed artists to his Bushey residence, which offered them the opportunity to sketch the undulating countryside.

(Exhibition Organisers: Pat Woollard and John Gerry)

Donated Artworks
From 6th July 2024

Over the years many generous people have donated artworks to Bushey Museum and Art Gallery. This exhibition offers an opportunity to view the variety of subjects and media.

(Exhibition Organisers: Pat Woollard and John Gerry)