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Before Herkomer

From 20th January 2024
This is an exhibition of paintings from the 'Monro Circle', including Thomas Monro (1759–1833), a British art collector and patron, and others including works by Thomas Hearne, William Henry Hunt and Henry Edridge. More.


St. James’s Church Tower Appeal

Until 14th April 2024
Anne Blessley Gallery

The church tower at St James’s, Bushey has been an iconic part of Bushey for more than 700 years. Sadly, time has taken its toll and the tower roof is in need of extensive repairs. Once completed, at an estimated cost of £30,000 it will be necessary to restore the tower’s interior! This need has prompted an appeal committee to be set up to raise funds from the wider Bushey community. Currently in excess of £3,500 has been raised and work is proceeding on the next fund-raising events.
(Exhibition organisers: Gay Butler, Pat Woollard and John Gerry)

Gaetano Valvona, Artist Model

From 30 August 2023

Gaetano Valvona was from Italy who settled in London in 1881 where he became a successful Victorian male model, for many artists including Sir Hubert von Herkomer. More.

Hubert von Herkomer

Self-portrait of Hubert von Herkomer around 1907.

Herkomer Room
Permanent display

The life, work and castle of Sir Hubert von Herkomer RA, also his School of Art, and including some of his most notable paintings.

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Local History

Local artifacts on display in the Local History gallery.

Local History Galleries
Permanent display

A comprehensive display of local Bushey pottery and industry artefacts including police, fire brigade and schools.

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