Before Herkomer

'Merry Hill, Bushey, The House of Dr. Thomas Monro', by Alexander Monro

Council Chamber
From 20th January to 23rd June 2024

This is an exhibition of paintings from the 'Monro Circle', including Thomas Monro (1759–1833), a British art collector and patron. Monro was himself an amateur artist, as were three of his sons, Henry, Alexander and John. In devoting himself to training young artists in watercolour landscape painting, Monro made a significant contribution to the golden age of watercolour painting in Britain. Having been brought up and educated in this area, in 1805 he bought a cottage orné in Bushey. Renowned for his kindness, generosity and sensitivity, he welcomed artists to his Bushey residence, which offered them the opportunity to sketch the undulating countryside. These artists included James Bourne, Peter de Wint, Henry Edridge, Thomas Girtin,  Thomas Hearne and William Henry Hunt.

(Exhibition Organisers: Pat Woollard and John Gerry)