Your Favourite Painting

Until 7th January 2024

In October 2023 Bushey Museum will have been open to the public in Rudolph Road for 30 years and visitors, volunteers and Stewards were given the opportunity to choose a favourite painting. The exhibition current in the Council Chamber is the result. On display is a variety of styles, media and subject matter. A number are the old favourites, e.g, Washing Day by William Bennett and The Old Rosebowl by J. W. Forster are on show. Some new acquisitions have been included. Quite a number of choices were because the artwork prompted memories of places or people or certain times.

It was an interesting exercise and it is agreed that it has produced an attractive variety of landscapes, portraits, paintings and drawings, which among many other artworks have been included in the Bushey Museum and Art Gallery collection during the past 30 years.

(Exhibition organisers: Pat Woollard, John Gerry and Visitors, Friends and Volunteers of Bushey Museum and Art Gallery)