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Current Exhibitions

Current exhibitions to be added.

Local History

Local artifacts on display in the Local History gallery.

Local History Galleries
Permanent display

A comprehensive display of local Bushey pottery and industry artefacts including police, fire brigade and schools.

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Previous Exhibitions

We also have Virtual Tours of a number of previous exhibitions available, see below.

'Recent Arrivals – Additions to the Bushey Museum's Collection'

Red Pagoda by Arnold FletcherCouncil Chamber

This exhibition included items donated to, or purchased by, the Museum. On show were local history and pottery items, photographs, costumes, as well as artworks to demonstrate the great diversity of the collection, the bulk of which is usually hidden from view. Picture: Red Pagoda by Arnold Fletcher.

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Painting the Seasons – The Art of Colour

The exhibition explored the use of colour in art through paintings of the four seasons selected from the Museum’s collection. June 2019 to January 2020, Council Chamber.

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Chandos Encore

Bushey Rose Garden by Pam Adsley.The exhibition showed a variety of paintings, hand-built ceramics, jewellery, wood turning, fused & leaded glass and textiles from Chandos Art and Crafts. April to July 2019, Art Gallery.

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A Quiet Revolution: Bushey Women Artists

Picture for exhibition: A Quiet Revolution: Bushey Women ArtistsWhen Herkomer opened his School of Art in 1883 he accepted 15 female students in that first year – at a time when the place for Victorian women was in the home. Many students became very successful artists, some as graphic artists, producing greetings cards, postcards, working as illustrators for books and magazines. January to June 2019, Council Chamber.

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Drawn from Life

Picture of Beautys AltarA significant feature of Herkomer' School of Art (1883 – 1904) was life classes for both men and women: life, or figure, drawing was fundamental to Herkomer’s method of teaching art. Life drawing captures the human form in all its shapes, sizes and poses; it trains the eye to observe variations in shapes, muscles and bones in the human body with diverse lighting effects. December 2018 - April 2019, Art Gallery.

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A Village Remembers

This exhibition was about the men and women of Bushey & Oxhey who served abroad and on the Home Front during The Great War. September to December 2018, Art Gallery.

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Back from the War

The exhibition encompassed First World War in general and how it affected the lives of Bushey artists through the years; some participated, some reported; art included recruiting posters, and women's war work back in Britain. July 2018 to January 2019, Council Chamber.

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