Sybil Barham, 1877-1950

Sybil Barham was born in Birmingham. She joined the Herkomer Art School in 1899, the same year as Kate Cowderoy and they became lifelong friends. Her portrait of Kate is in Museum collection. Later she lived at Rowlands Castle near Havant in Hampshire with Bessy Barnard, another Herkomer student. She started designing postcards often depicting children in twilight settings for C W Faulkner in c.1905. Her commercial work included Stories from Browning which retells the stories for children, as well as other books, prints, postcards greetings cards and calendars. She also contributed to children’s annuals and magazines.

The Story of Angelina Wacks by Mrs. Clayton Palmer, illustrated by Sybil Barham. Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. London, 1913.
Stories From Browning by Verney Cameron Turnbull, illustrated by Sybil Barham. Published by Harrap & Co. London, 1914.
The Elf of The Orchard by Alice P. Moss, illustrated by Sybil Barham and Elizabeth Peacock. Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co, Ltd, London, 1918

Sources: Bushey Museum; Artist Biographies Ltd. Feb 2020

Portfolio (in Bushey Museum collection)

Kate Cowderoy by Sybil Barham
Kate Cowderoy
Kate Ethel Cowderoy










Sea Nymph Arising from the Waves by Sybil Barham
Sea Nymph Arising from the Waves
The Song of Solomon










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