In Celebration of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II
Coronation Arch Bushey 1953
The 1953 Coronation arch over the High Street, viewed from in front of the pond. The arch remained in place from June to October 1953. Bushey Conservative Club (left) was decorated with flags and bunting in celebration.

Anne Blessley Gallery
23rd April – 23rd October 2022

The Queen has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history through many political changes. She has always been a powerful supporter of charities and voluntary organisations and Bushey Museum is proud to celebrate the contribution she has made to the wellbeing of the British peoples.

It’s a welcome opportunity to feature some of the more modern paintings in the collection, and to be reminded of the changing face of Bushey over the last 70 years. It includes images of the Coronation Arch of 1953 in Bushey High Street, and designed by Lucy Kemp-Welch: her followed on from her 1937 versions for King George VI, the Queen’s father, and was very popular locally. Also on show are artworks relating to the changing face of Bushey during the 70 years of the Queen's reign, such as the building of the motorways, as well as important events nationally — the great storm of 1987. And in Bushey the rebuilding of the lychgate of St. James' Church.

Exhibition Organisers: Pat Woollard, John Gerry and Patrick Forsyth