Back from the War

Council Chamber
7 July 2018 to 13 January 2019

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'Back from the War' is an exhibition that encompasses First World War in general and how it affected the lives of Bushey artists through the years; some participated, some reported and recorded and some used their art for propaganda purposes. From the romantic idealism of Joseph Wilson Forster's 'Love and War' (1915) to the gritty on-the-spot sketches by Miguel Mackinlay of France in the same year, Bushey artists have pictured many aspects of War, including recruiting posters, and women's war work back in Britain.

The centenary of the end of the First World War prompts the showing of conflict but the aim has to be progress towards peace. Artists such as Lucy Kemp-Welch, Miguel MacKinlay, and Paul Peter Piech are featured and there is a diverse collection of media on show; paintings, prints, drawings, postcards, and photographs.


"Love and War" painting from the BUshey Museum 'Back from the War' exhibition.
'Love and War'