#CollectingCovid Campaign

Hertsmere Museums are seeking to collect objects and first hand experiences to reflect local people’s lives during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Hertsmere's Museums want to document and record this time to ensure future generations will be able to learn about and understand this extraordinary period.

What we want

  • Physical and digital objects.
  • Photographs taken at the beginning of the pandemic when people began to get a sense that something big was going to happen. Supermarket shelves emptied of bread, eggs, pasta and loo-rolls.
  • Photographs during lockdown.  Empty roads and streets.  People queuing for supermarkets, personal protective equipment in evidence.
  • Journals – did you keep a diary of what was happening day to day?  Did you record your thoughts, feelings and fears?
  • Dream diaries – at the beginning of the pandemic, there was much fear and anxiety as we entered uncharted territory.  Many people reported strange and vivid dreams around this time.  Did you record any of these dreams?  We would love to have a record of these.
  • Pictures of rainbows in windows, signs you may have made, banners or artistic projects with children whilst home schooling.
  • Poetry – did the pandemic inspire you to write poems, songs or stories?
  • Face coverings – did you make a personalised mask early on in the pandemic? Do you have a spare you could send us? A picture of you wearing the mask?

Is there an item that particularly represents your individual experience of the pandemic?  Do let us know about it!

Sadly, the pandemic is not over yet. You can start collecting now or put items aside for your local museum.

How you can help

Given the nature of the items we are collecting, we need to ensure an isolation period. The final decision on donations rests with individual Museum Curators. Please photograph your proposed donations and email them to your Contacts with a brief description. The Curators can then get in touch with you to arrange bringing the items to the museum.


Journals recording life as it has been through the pandemic can be anonymous and there will be an embargo period.

Please contact the Heritage and Museums Officer for more information: ruth.stratton@hertsmere.gov.uk

Some Bushey Museum pictures..
'Closed due to Covid-19' by Shirley Keates
'Closed due to Covid-19' by Shirley Keates
'The Duck pond at St James - the ducks practising social distancing' by Louise Lingwood
'The Duck pond at St James - the ducks practising social distancing' by Louise Lingwood