A Measure of Abstraction

1 July 2017 to 14 January 2018

"Abstract art has come into being as a necessary expression of the feelings and thoughts of our age; it has added a new dimension to creative painting; it is part of the constant change and vital searching that energises every true art" so wrote a Canadian artist. Abstract art makes no attempt to represent - it does not depict recognisable scenes or objects, instead it is an arrangement of colours, lines and shapes that exist simply for their expressive sake. It reduces what the eye sees to radically simplified forms or geometric constructions - through their consciousness and feelings the artist's work becomes an expression in paint of light, colour and form - pure sensation.

A Measure of Abstraction displays abstract, semi-abstract and near-abstract modern works. This enables visitors to enjoy a range from the completely non-figurative paintings of Graham Boyd and Gwyther Irwin through partly figurative work by Teresa Pemberton and Angela Edmonds and all the way to modernist pictures by Douglas Chowns and John Rosser, which contain clearly recognisable motifs.

We invite you to judge the different approaches to the ideas involved in abstract painting by Bushey artists, which echo similar trends in World Art since the turn of the C20th. Come along to Bushey Museum and judge for yourself how far our artists go along the spectrum from Cezanne via Picasso to Malevich and, to quote Kandinsky, "to nourish the emotions and sensations and to produce well-being of the inner soul".

Maori Story by Douglas Chowns
Maori Story by Douglas Chowns